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From an initial idea to the solution

NBF-Feinmechanik Entwicklung mit Solid Works

When it comes to complete system solutions we perceive ourselves as partners who transform your ideas and concepts into viable products. Our team of innovative, experienced specialists is capable of realising even the most difficult of tasks. We use state-of-the-art CAD systems as the basis for designing to meet your exacting standards. Starting with ideas and sketches, we develop concepts that ideally suit our customers’ requirements and we are only satisfied with the result when you are.

Solid Works Logo

The engineers at NBF have been designing with the 3D CAD system Solid Works for more than ten years. This versatile CAD system includes a wide range of design tools that enable our experts to quickly create digital models. This leading-edge technology makes it possible to design anything from an individual component to a complex assembly as well as many other sophisticated products. The accompanying documentation can be prepared in all generally used formats.


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